Sustainable Leather Tanning Industry in Bangladesh: Integrating Lean and Institutional Logics into OHS Management


Susleather Project

The Bangladeshi leather industry, the country's second-largest export sector which has challenges like low productivity and inadequate occupational health and safety (OHS). Those issues are stoppage towards the sustainable social and economic development. Workers in leather tanneries experience serious health problems, including gastrointestinal and dermatological diseases. Studies show that OHS with productivity improvements is crucial for progress, and Lean manufacturing can trigger positive changes. Successful Lean adoption requires a shift in organizational attitude and awareness among stakeholders.



Intervention Update and After Eid visit to Tannery

Prof. Dr M Sarwar Morshed, along with his dedicated team, recently conducted visits to Samina Tannery Ltd. and Sadar Tannery Ltd. to discuss ongoing intervention updates and gather valuable feedback from the factories. Accompanying Dr. Morshed were Research Assistants Mongsathowai Marma Babu, and Md Asif Mustafa. The visit to Samina Tannery Ltd. took place on…
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Intervention training and Intervention Update of 1st cohort.

It was a very busy and effective week for the SusLeather team before Eid vacation, June 2024. The start of the week was marked by two days of intensive intervention training sessions at Samina Tannery Ltd and Sadar Tannery Ltd. The intervention training, led by Prof. Dr M Sarwar Morshed and Abu Hamja, PhD, focused…
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Honoring the Life of Miguel Malek Malaouf

With profound sorrow, we announce the passing of Associate Professor Miguel Malek Malaouf of the University of Southern Denmark, a cherished researcher of the Sus-Leather project. Professor Malek was integral to our project, and his contributions were beyond measure. Despite his severe physical condition, his unwavering dedication and passion for his work remained steadfast and…
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Workshop on “Pre-intervention Stakeholder Consultation”

The “Pre-intervention Stakeholder Consultation” workshop of Susleather on March 2, 2024, at Hotel Bengal Canary Park in Gulshan aimed to gather input and insights from tannery industry stakeholders before intervention. The workshop’s primary objective was to display the baseline findings to the tannery representatives and engage them in the decision-making process before the intervention to…
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Al-Madina Tannery Visit

Our team embarked on a visit to a Savar tannery on December 20, 2023, aiming to build relationships and understand the existing scenario, particularly focusing on product processing. Information shared by by Nayeem Khan, the Human Resource Executive, we were warmly welcomed, and the tannery stood out for its care in both interior and exterior…
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Mitaly Tannery Visit

Our team had an enlightening visit to Mitaly Tannery on October 19, 2023, conducting an initial assessment of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Lean manufacturing practices. Nestled in a green, eco-friendly environment, the factory showcased a unique blend of aesthetics and industrial operations. During the visit, we interacted with Hazi Abdul Kashem, the Managing…
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Khokon Tannery Visit

On December 20, 2023, our team conducted a meaningful visit to a tannery, aiming to foster relationships and gain insights into the existing scenario, particularly focusing on product processing. The visit, led by Rejaul Haq, the Accountant in the Account and Finance department, commenced at 2 pm. Although it was our first visit to this…
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Research Project Launch for Sustainable Tannery in Bangladesh in 2022

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has initiated a two-year action-based research project aimed at enhancing the efficiency of Bangladeshi tanneries through improved occupational health and safety practices. Prof. Dewan Ahsan, Associate Professor at SDU, highlighted the main objective of achieving a Sustainable Tannery in Bangladesh. The project aims to address critical issues such as…
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